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The Foul One - (PRESIDENT AND FOUNDER OF FOUL MOUTH SHIRTS INC. AND PRODUCER OF FOUL MOUTH RADIO) As the patriarch of Foul Mouth Shirts, The Foul One has spent his life living by his own rules and treating the world as his own, personal toilet. He began the company in an effort to rule his own life instead of being a corporate wage-slave to one asshole boss after another. After the original induction of Foul Mouth Shirts, he saw an almost instantaneous pay-off and found that there were other fuckers out in the world who wanted an outlet to be rebellious and to say what they wanted to say, whenever the fuck they wanted to say it. Seeing this as both an opportunity, and a gift, he put all of his efforts into making Foul Mouth Shirts the best it could be. Every year, the company has grown by leaps and bounds until it's reached the point of having several production employees and a few associate bad-asses to help him run it. There have always been ass-hats out in the world who would love to see nothing more, than to see Foul Mouth Shirts whither and The Foul One enlisted talent to star in the outspoken Internet radio program, Foul Mouth Radio. Just like it's parent company, Foul Mouth Shirts, the radio program has grown beyond the bounds of the Myspace page that once hosted it. Now on a well-respected Internet Radio site, Foul Mouth Radio reaches more people every day...and gives people just like The Foul One a voice to scream "Fuck You" to a world that doesn't understand them.


Captain Cuntbuster - (Vice President of Operations at FOUL MOUTH SHIRTS INC. AND Co-host of FOUL MOUTH RADIO) The Son of The Foul One, Cpt Cuntbuster was raised with the same hard-line ideals as his father. He spent a few years of his younger, rebellious life traveling from one temporary residence to another as so many of his kind do while trying to find meaning to their lives. He lived in Memphis for a few years, meeting people and becoming a fixture in the Memphis social scene. If you lived in Memphis, and you DIDN'T know Cpt Cuntbuster, than you didn't know shit. After started booming, Cuntbuster found his lot in life by joining his father's side. He earns his living by promoting Free Speech through and living the life he always dreamed by carousing about town and staying in a consistent state of semi-drunkenness. Luckily, this is one profession where fucking lots of anonymous college girls and staying drunk most of the time is a benefit. Currently, Cpt Cuntbuster fills his time by co-managing the company and co-hosting the new Internet Radio Show, Foul Mouth Radio. He helps produce the show by constantly scouring media sources for content for the show, and interesting shit to discuss every week during the broadcast. If you don't like what he says, go fuck yourself and listen to something else. It's a free fucking world. Right?


Cannon - (Prodution Supervisor at FOUL MOUTH SHIRTS INC. AND Co-host of FOUL MOUTH RADIO) A Man, a myth, perhaps even a god amongst mortals...Cannon is surely a force to be reckoned with. He hails from Nashville, Tn, and is a long-time friend of Capt Cuntbuster. This incident turned out to be very beneficial to them both because while Cannon was attending college, Foul Mouth Shirts was experiencing a huge growth spurt that required additional managerial help with the company as well as a bit of promotional aide. Attending college course for Communication/Broadcasting, The Foul One realized a golden opportunity to exploit Cannon's natural skills and charisma. In an effort to voice a collective "FUCK YOU" to a government, society, and world that would love nothing more than to see an outspoken company like FoulMouthShirts to fail; it was decided that the best way to accomplish this would be to start an amateur Radio Broadcast over the Internet. Giving a voice to a horde of Foul Mouth Fucks, the Radio broadcast took on a life of it's own and grew in popularity until it became a separate entity outside, but attached to, Combining copious amounts of humor, raunchiness, political agenda, and common camaraderie; Cannon appeals to the inhabitants of the underbelly of the Internet.


Melanie "MELONS" - (Cpt. Cuntbusters Assistant at FOUL MOUTH SHIRTS INC. AND Co-host of FOUL MOUTH RADIO) A recent addition to Foul Mouth Radio, Melons serves as Cpt. Cuntbuster's assistant. Considering her down-to-earth sex appeal, it is a true wonder that Cuntbuster has maintained a professional relationship with Melons thus far. Cannon, however, has made it very publicly known that he'd like to use her hair as a nut-rag. Despite all of this harassment, she's joined Foul Mouth Radio to act a a voice of common sense and stability to the duo of Cpt. Cuntbuster and Cannon. She also adds something of a feminine touch to a very man-powered atmosphere, reminding Cuntbuster and Cannon that sometimes...chicks can be pretty fuckin' cool too.